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How to Choose the Best Printer

By: Sharon Penn - April 11, 2013

How to Choose the Best Printer

You have done everything right to develop a marketing plan for your company. You analyzed your strengths and weaknesses, you compared your company to the competition, and you figured out how to market your products and services. Now it is time to choose a printer for your direct mail pieces, catalogues and presentation folders. You need a company that can provide cost effective solutions; superior expertise, outstanding customer service and “green” processes to protect the environment.
So how do you go about finding a printer you can trust to make your company look good in print?
Onsite Capability
If you are serious about choosing a reputable custom printer to take you from concept to the finished printed piece, it is a good idea to take a tour of the printing facility. You are looking for a custom printer with a broad range of onsite capability. The printing plant should include an art department. To create logos, recommend paper stock and design eye catching layouts. PCA Delta, a premiere custom printer in Pompano, Florida, invites customers to tour their 45,000 square foot facility in Pompano, Florida. This convenient location is just off major highways like I-95 and the Florida Turnpike. If you prefer, you have the convenience of taking a virtual tour of the PCA printing facility online. Either way, you will view equipment representing the latest in printing technology, providing the high quality printed materials you are looking for. 
The PCA Delta Edge
At PCA Delta, presses roll 24/7 to meet your expectations and deadlines. Sophisticated equipment with advanced technology ensures that you will see your ideas transformed into high impact printed pieces with the design, precision and vibrant full color graphics. A 10-color press prints both sides of the page simultaneously for large projects, saving you time and enhancing the quality of brochures, catalogs and magazines. The PCA Delta facility is one of a very few print shops that provides perfect binding right onsite. Folding, die cut, shrink wrap, perforation, spot color and aqueous coating is accomplished on the premises, allowing for unique special effects and providing tight control over the finished product. PCA Delta offers fulfillment services to make sure that your printed materials are delivered directly from the print shop right to your customer’s doorstep. Just say the word, and PCA Delta will take care of it.
Advanced Technology
PCA Delta provides the latest equipment with today’s technological advances you need for all your custom printed pieces, from Prepress to the Pressroom and on to the onsite Bindery. After working with the talented graphic artists to focus on elements that create a strong brand message, including a logo that reflects the qualities and strengths of your products and services; attractive layouts with enough space to get your message across loud and clear; and graphics that seem to jump right off the paper, your presentation folder, direct mail postcard or large format poster will be sent to Prepress to begin the printing process. After the project is printed, your marketing materials are sent to the Bindery for special effects.
Cutting Edge Equipment
During your plant tour, you will discover a huge amount of equipment at PCA Delta designed to accommodate all your printing needs and ensure that your printed pieces will have the sharp, full color images that communicate your brand message to your customer before they read a word. 
Prepress includes the following equipment to create the high quality print files you need for the printing press:
Lotem Platesetter, 800 Quantum II (1)
Lotem Platesetter, 800 V2 (1)
Prinergy EVO Imposition RIP (1)
Prinergy EVO Output RIP (1)
Brisque IV Imposition RIP (1)
Epson 10600 Hi Resolution Contract Proofers (2)
In the Pressroom, you will find a range of printing presses to accommodate every printing project, including the Akiyama 10-color press:
Heidelberg Speedmaster 14×20, 5 Color (1)
Akiyama JPrint 28×40, 10 Color (1)
Akiyama BT640 28×40, 6 Color + AQ Coater (1)
Heidelberg Speedmaster, 28×40, 4 Color (1)
Ryobi 3302M, 2 Color Press (1)
AB Dick, 1 Color (2)
Digital Capabilities
The PCA Delta onsite Bindery includes equipment for perfect binding, saddle stitching, folding and more using the following machinery:
Mueller Martini Perfect Binder, 8 Pockets + Cover Feeder (1)
Mueller Martini Perfect Binder, 12 Pockets + Cover Feeder + On-line Trimmer (1)
Osako Saddle-Stitcher, 6 Pockets + Cover Feeder (1)
Mueller Martini Saddle-Stitcher, 6 Pockets + Cover Feeder (1)
26×40 MBO Folders (4)
28×40 MBO Navigator (Computerized) Folder (1)

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