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Cost-Effective Printing

By: Sharon Penn - May 14, 2013

When you plan your marketing budget, it is important to know that you are getting the best “bang for the buck.” That means that you have to evaluate what you are getting and make sure that your allocations are well spent – especially with printing. Knowledge is power when it comes to making a printing purchase. Do your homework to find out how to make wise choices for cost-effective marketing, and choose your printer carefully. While there are some tips you can follow to make economical printing choices, in the end, purchasing printing is like everything else. You get what you pay for.

Knowledge is Power
All printers are not the same. When it is time to decide which printer to use, make your selection based on your printing needs. The first thing you need to decide is whether you can get by using a gang-run printer, or whether your project will have a better result if you use a custom printer. Gang run printing is a method that places many projects on the same sheet. It can also “piggyback” a print project onto the unused portion of a print sheet of another job. Since there are costs associated with printing “setup,” gang run printing allows all jobs to share upfront setup charges. However, if custom Pantone color, individualized sizing and uniquely designed finishing are important, a custom commercial printer is the way to go.
Tips for Economical Print Buying  
A professional commercial printer can walk you through your printing options and save you money on your printed catalogues, magazines, brochures, newsletters and marketing materials. Communicate well with your printer by providing as much information as possible, and make sure it is in the correct format. You will need to supply copy, graphics and photographs. Ask your printer which format he prefers for text and images like JPG, PDF or TIFF file. It’s also advisable to give the printer a hard copy of the file. Remember that mistakes on your part can be costly. To make sure you are choosing the right paper stock, ask for recommendations and study samples to avoid errors. Find out how printing in quantity can save you money.
Custom Printing Benefits
When you use a full service custom printer, you can expect a high-quality, customized result. A custom commercial printer can provide top quality graphics that jump off the page and finishing like die cuts, embossing, metallic ink and spot varnishing to make your printed piece stand out among the competition. Hang tags, menus and banners are also custom printed, along with features like perforation, scoring, saddle stitch binding and padding. A customer service representative will guide you through the process by helping you with logos, layouts and paper selection. So if you are not picky about color and paper stock and you do not need high quality graphics, and if you are willing to accept the quantity offered and will not need a reprint, gang-run printing may be your best option. But if you need a high-quality printed product, choose a custom printer.
Gang-Run Printing Results
While gang-run printing may reduce some costs, there are significant drawbacks. All projects on the sheet share the same stock and there may be color, quality and uniformity issues since multiple projects are placed side by side on a print sheet. Gang-run printing may take longer because so many jobs need to be coordinated, and usually quantities are available in multiples of 5,000. Also, reprinting a project that was originally printed in this way can be costly, because the printing plate contains unwanted projects that would also have to be reproduced. While gang run printing may be less expensive initially, custom printing will give you control over the project and a superior, individualized result that meets your specifications. 
Printing Options for Cost-Effective Marketing 
Professional custom printers customize your marketing materials and coordinate graphics, type and color for a comprehensive approach to branding your products. Commercial printers offer options smaller operations don’t provide, such using the right printing press for the job to produce a cost-effective outcome. A full-service commercial printer can offer design and copywriting services as well as an array of paper and finishing options. Do not underestimate the importance of continuity and integration, so when the time comes to reprint or design a new brochure, catalogue, newsletter, presentation folder or magazine that sends the right brand message to your customers, commercial printing professionals will get results.
The PCA Delta Advantage
At PCA Delta, presses roll 24/7 and advanced technology insures that you will see your ideas transformed into high impact printed pieces with precision, high impact design and vibrant full color graphics. A 10-color press prints both sides of the page simultaneously for large projects, saving you time and money while enhancing quality.  The PCA Delta facility is one of a very few shops with perfect binding onsite. Folding, die cut, shrink wrap, perforation, spot color and aqueous coating are accomplished on the premises, allowing for unique special effects and providing tight control over the finished product. PCA Delta offers fulfillment services so your printed materials are delivered directly from the print shop right to your customer’s door.

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