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Professional Preparation Tips For Catalog Printing

By: Janice Jenkins -


Checking images accurately and quickly

Do you need to check your catalog images? Well for a fast and accurate method, what you can do is just to save all the images you used in a folder in your computer. Collect everything from logos to actual product images. Make sure of course that all of those images are exactly the ones that will be used in printing. Once you have them all in one folder in your computer, you can just double click on the first one of them and begin checking away. Just press the "next button" on the image viewing screen until you have finished checking all the images. This way is faster than actually analyzing the color catalog layout one by one and it lets you focus on image editing better giving you a good opportunity to make the images perfect.

Proofreading text effectively

In terms of text, the same technique as above can apply. Just collect all your text in one document (preferably a word processing document such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice.org Writer). Again make sure that all the text you have is the ones used in the catalog layout. Then using the electronic grammar check as well as your own proofreading skills you can check your text quite effectively and thoroughly in one place. This lets you focus on the text making the check very detailed indeed.

Properly checking your layout

Now, for the layout itself, you of course should check it as it is in its design document. However, for extra thoroughness in preparing the layout it is good to have two or three persons clean up the layout a bit on different times. This should at least get the catalog balanced out to its best type of layout. You can also create a sample printing using your home computer just to see how it looks printed.

Saving in multiple design formats

With most of the content ready, you should also be ready for the proper format. While in most cases people should already know what type of file format one should submit to the printer, it surely will help if you convert your main layout into multiple design formats. This just covers all your bases, giving you and the printer a backup plan of sorts just in case there are still errors in the initial file of your design.

Setting your options for catalog printing

Afterwards, when all your layouts have been submitted, you should also always check your options for printing. This is an important part of preparing to print since this will decide the paper stocks used the inks and other special requests in your order. Make sure you choose the choices that best suit your goals in catalog printing.

Confirming transaction details and delivery

Finally, you must not forget to always confirm your transaction details and delivery in catalog printing. Ask for a breakdown of the printing costs as well as the rules and guidelines for delivery. Do not be afraid to ask the catalog printer these things since it is your right to confirm and be sure with your catalog printing.

So those are the professional tips for preparing your designs for catalog printing. Be sure to do all these checks before even one drop of ink starts with your order. This should protect it from any kind of future problems.

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