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The Finishing Touch

By: Sharon Penn -


The Finishing Touch

Vivid colors, an appealing layout and a memorable logo can go a long way to create an eye-catching printed piece like a brochure, catalogue or magazine. But if you are looking for a unique result to help place your company way above the competition, add an interesting finish for heightened visual impact. Finishes can attract customers and encourage them to read on and discover the products and services you have to offer.

Defining Finishing

Imagine a magazine without the shiny cover, a lacy greeting card without embossing or a presentation folder without a slit for your business card. These key elements are the result of finishing processes that can make the difference between an ordinary product and a visually compelling or practical result.  Finishing techniques can be used to add elements for both decoration and functionality.


Coatings are applied to give the printed piece a shiny finish. A coating will enhance the appearance of a magazine cover, catalogue or brochure. Coatings also allow the product to last longer by protecting it from handling.  An aqueous coating can be applied during the printing process to achieve a glossy, dull or satin finish. UV coatings provide a high gloss. Both aqueous and UV coatings enhance and protect the printed document. Spot coating can be applied to specific areas of the paper or substrate for visual appeal.

Die Cut

Die cutting can create an exciting, high impact visual effect. Die cuts alter the shape of the paper by cutting out areas to emphasize the visual purpose of the design. Using a die cut can allow the customer to see beyond the page at hand. The die cutting process uses a cutting die to create the main shape of the object, like an airplane-shaped greeting card, or to punch out a shape within the larger piece. Functional die cuts can be used to create a slit for a business card in a presentation folder and to create an address window in an envelope. Perforation is a related technique that cuts the paper halfway through. This allows for easy removal of a part from the whole, and is typically used for coupons, membership cards, gift certificates and admission tickets.


Ingenious use of folding techniques can make three pages out of two, create a 6-panel brochure out of a letter sized piece of paper and allow an oversized page to fit into packaging. No, it is not origami – it is the implementation of standard folding techniques by experienced commercial printers. Think of a centerfold with a folded extra page or a handy brochure which, when laid out flat, is revealed as an 8.5 x 11-inch paper. An accordion fold can allow a large sheet of paper chock full of text to be placed in a small package, like information in a box of medical pills.

Creative Decorative Techniques

Embossing will lend a three-dimensional or raised appearance to the printed piece. The finished product is embossed by fitting one die into another and applying pressure. Foil stamping gives a specific area, such as a logo, a metallic look. Foil stamping can be used in conjunction with embossing.

Count on the graphic arts department at PCA Delta to provide you with the guidance you need to use the latest finishing techniques for a truly unique and inspiring result.

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