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The many uses of Custom Lapel Pins

By: Staff - October 14, 2013

Lapel pins are created for lots of different reasons, from promoting team spirit to commemorating historic events. Many organizations are also discovering that custom made pins are relatively inexpensive and are useful in many contexts. For example, custom pins could be given to employees or students who have shown outstanding effort in the past year. They could be made for members of a school club, or they could be created to sell at a fundraiser. People have even made custom lapel pins for family reunions.

They're great for boosting school spirit too. They can be awarded at various school functions or sold at school fundraisers. Pins are also commonly used as awards in academic settings for outstanding academic accomplishments, whether in the regular classroom, or at special events like debates, math contests, or quiz bowls. Schools can easily create custom designs for pins with mascots, logos, or school colors. And they will be treasured by their recipients long after they are all grown up.

If you are thinking about having custom pins made, there are several things you should bear in mind so that the designs look as terrific as possible. The main thing you should remember is that lapel pins are generally quite small, so very intricate designs generally will not look good. Keep the design as simple as possible. Any fonts used for lettering should be simple, without serifs. The most intricate parts of your designs are usually created by the metal showing through the enamel because it is difficult to make fine lines with the enamel used in making pins. Most pin manufacturers use a Pantone color chart so that you know the color you order is the color you get.

Custom pins are measured by the length of their longest side. Simply draw a square or a rectangle around the design and measure the longest side. That is generally the measurement you give to the manufacturer when ordering. As awards or keepsakes go, custom-made pins are great choices. Those that are made to high standards can be very attractive, and they are small enough that they're easy to hang onto over the years as a reminder and a memento of a special time, place, or event.

If you’re interested in having some lapel pins customized and printed at an affordable cost, then contact PCA Delta on 954-781-7771 to learn more about our lapel pin offers.



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