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What to avoid when advertising your brand with a flyer

By: Staff -

Let’s take a basic flyer as an example for now. It’s all very well trying to stand out from the crowd but certain things on your flyer need to be avoided.

Five (5) things not to do:

1. Don’t capitalise text to make it stand out.

The human brain recognises shapes of words not just of letters and when all letters are capitalised the normal word shape is lost.


2. Give your logo or brand space and don’t crowd it.

Never place your logo so it is right up to the edge of the paper this will provide a bad impression of your brand and will not give your customers trust in your brand. Also never crowd your logo with other texts or images this just creates mass confusion and will not get your message across. crowded flyers tend to head straight to the bin in most cases, why would you want to read something which is difficult to read. Above all leave lots of space and make it easy for people to read.

3. Don’t align text inconsistently.

If you want to align text to the centre do so throughout the flyer, or if need be create boxed sections to separate the text which is justified differently. Again this can create difficulty in reading so don’t make your prospective customers do an optical workout to enable them to find out information about you or your product.

4. Steer clear of those tempting Microsoft text decorations.

I know many people are drawn to the many text decorations out there but be warned they give an impression of 6 year old’s birthday party invitation and as this could be the first thing a prospective client sees of your company, it could be very damaging. Keep to standard decoration, lettering should only be bold or italic unless it forms part of your logo.

5. Try to avoid using mobile numbers and free email addresses.

This may be difficult in some cases but it is well worth it to create that professional look, people are more inclined to trust information when it is backed up by a solid landline number and domain linked email address (name@yourcompany.com). It is still great to have a mobile number on your flyer but try to have this as your secondary phone number if possible.

It is quite simple really, when you create a flyer or some sort of promotional material think of the last flyer you had which you understood and acted upon. This should give you a clue to what works and then if you combine this with the things to avoid above you should be on to a winner.


If you would like to learn more about printing flyers, then contact the experts at PCA Delta. Let us help you create impressive flyers to meet your specific branding needs. Don’t hesitate to call us on 954-781-7771.




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