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Designing Your Promotional Calendar

By: Sharon Penn - October 14, 2013


November is the perfect time to put in your order for a 2014 promotional calendar. Mailing out a promotional calendar is an effective way to market your company and keep your name in front of potential and existing customers. The key is to design a calendar that is reflects the company brand. By using vibrant colors with high quality resolution and a heavier grade stock you can attract the audience you seek. While putting together an attractive calendar that will stand up to use for the entire year may seem like a complex project, choosing the right printer can get the job done with a minimum of effort on your part.


Selecting the Right Format

The first step is to think about who will be using your calendar, and where they will use it. Then you can decide on the right format for your calendar. Calendars that hang on a wall are very popular, but they are not the only option. A desktop calendar in a small or large size is another alternative. Less popular, but just as effective, are monthly post card calendars and business card calendars.


Planning your Content

Remember that you are promoting your business and keeping your brand message in front of your customers, so while the calendar should be appealing and functional, it should also be designed as a powerful marketing tool and reflect your brand message. If you run monthly promotions or holiday sales, you can include that information on your calendar. Encourage your customers to consult the calendar by including tips, facts and images of interest. Providing information can position you as a leader in your field. Your company promotional calendar can also act as a vehicle for displaying photographs of your firm’s success stories.


Design and Layout

Use the services of a professional graphic designer for the design and layout of your calendar. You will probably be asked for input about the theme that will best promote your company. If you sell hiking boots, for example, you may want to feature a backdrop of graphics and photos of the great outdoors. You will want to include your company logo, slogan and contact information such as your phone number and website URL. This is the time to mention any specifications you require, like including the month before the start of the new year. A professional graphic designer can also recommend font styles, colors and stock that will best promote your company.


Choose High Quality Custom Printing

Choosing the right printing company is the approach you need to obtain the results you expect for your promotional calendar. PCA Delta, the Pompano, Florida commercial printing company, offers a powerhouse of equipment with every option for promotional calendars at its impressive 45,000 square foot facility. Visit the PCA Delta website for a virtual tour and call a helpful Customer Service Representative at 954-781-7771 to get a quote, answer your questions and place your order. PCA Delta has a talented graphic artist on staff to assist you with the layout and design of your calendar and guide you through the printing process.


At PCA Delta, you will benefit from competitive pricing, a quick turn-around time and a wide range of onsite capabilities including stock choices, high quality resolution, vibrant color and special finishes. Ask about fulfillment services including mailings using specifically targeted zip codes and demographics like income and age.


A Helpful Tip

 Find out about viewing a sample of your calendar before printing the entire run to make sure you print the calendar you envisioned. Sometimes a small adjustment can make a big difference in mailing the promotional calendar you want to market your company.


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