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8 Simple Pointers To Kick Start A Marketing Campaign Through Catalogs

By: Elaine Bergbauer -

Need to kick start your marketing campaign? Why dont you invest in color catalogs and introduce your business in the most attractive and compelling way? Catalogs are not new materials but they will surely help you win new customers. For a solid catalog campaign, follow these simple pointers:

1) Know who your competitors are. Its important to know where you stand in the market. You need to figure out who your competitors are so when you market to your target customers you know how to outperform them. A little research will help you get as much information as needed so you can do the necessary steps to take.

2) Target the right customers. Dont try to market to everybody. If you do that, you wont likely get good response. Start by creating a list of your prospective customers. This should contain names of people who are likely to patronize the products or services you offer. Again, research is necessary to find the most appropriate customers.

3) Develop a personal relationship with your customers. If people constantly see your catalog, this will create a connection with them. Every time they see your logo, they will instantly remember you. Take care of this connection so the next time you send your catalogs to them it wouldnt be difficult for you to convince them to buy again.

4) Organize your catalog well. Create a design that will put the products on good places. If you want to highlight certain products, put them in front. The design should be appropriate to your brand and business image. Its best if you create a design that is consistent with the rest of your marketing materials.

5) Design with your customers in mind. Dont just throw in any design you want. Remember that the catalog is not for you but for your target customers. Taking into consideration the needs and wants of your customers will create a design that will appeal to them.

6) Include important details. A brief description of each product and your contact details are important details that should be present on the catalog. Additional details can be included but make sure you dont overcrowd the template with too many details. Just include what is necessary and valuable to your target audience.

7) Constantly update your catalogs. If there are new products or services, include them on your next catalog. It will be best if you have a new catalog quarterly or at least twice a year to keep your customers looking forward to your latest offerings.

8) Team up with a competent printing company. Never attempt to print your catalogs on your own unless you are a skilled printer. A professional catalog actually requires professional printing. Dont worry of the cost since a lot of cheap catalog printing services are available these days. Research well so you find the best printer for the job.

An impressive catalog will bring great things to your business. It will help put your business on top of peoples mind and keep them interested in your business. If you look at value of this simple material, you will realize just how important it is to still include catalogs in your marketing campaign. Its not really that easy to make a business successful, but with catalogs its easy to kick start the campaign and gain better market exposure.


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