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Quality Rush Calendar Printing

By: Staff - October 26, 2015

There comes a time in marketing when you will suddenly need to print calendars. It can be a sudden opportunity for promotions to lots of clients, or it might be a decisive order of the marketing boss. Whatever happens, you will want a print calendar developed and printed properly while of course mass producing them in speed.

Let me teach you how to do quality “rush calendar printing”. It is not as hard as it sounds. It all depends on your ability to make quick decisions and your faithfulness to the process below. So let us start by discussing how to quickly design calendars.

Rush calendar designs – Rushing your calendar designs means skipping the middle man (the layout artist) and just using some premade calendar templates. Calendar templates have all the tables, major events and typical content that you will need to produce a good color calendar. For the most part, all you really need to do is to insert all the customized content options that you need such as the images, and other extra messages need in the calendar tables. All this translates to a quick designing process, cutting down the time it takes to develop the design 75%. All you need to do is to insert what you need and just refine the designs.

Immediate calendar content – If you want to increase the speed of your calendar printing a little further, you can also get almost immediate calendar content options by just browsing through the Internet. Do you need images? Go to websites like flickr.com or morguefile.com to get royalty free images for your custom calendars. Need extra fonts? Go to the hundreds of free font websites out there. Need quick descriptions and information on important dates etc? Go to wiki sites for free text. All this is just a copy and paste job really (or a download and use job) and you will be finished in no time at all with adding extra content.

Expert and fast checking – Now, with a whole draft ready for calendar printing, it is still possible to expedite your process by using some expert and fast checking processes. Look no further than your desktop publishing application. The spell check and grammar check application is a great tool to peruse through your whole draft to look for errors. To be more accurate with these checks do not automate the checking however. Have those checking features flag each detected error for you and correct them one by one. With the fast find feature, you should be able to correct your whole custom calendar document within just a few minutes, eliminating the need to read through the whole document which can take an hour or so at best.

Full speed online calendar printing – Finally, the process that takes the longest in calendar printing is of course the printing of the calendar itself. To make it run at full speed, your best bet is to have your custom calendars printed online in a rush order. Typically a calendar printing company can offer your color calendars to be printed overnight or up to two days at the latest depending on the sheer number of your prints. This is the fastest and most convenient way to print your color calendars, so this is really the best and only choice. Of course keep in mind that there is a rush fee, but if you really need to exploit that opportunity, then this kind of rush calendar printing is what you need.

Great! That is how you do quality and rush calendar printing. It is not as hard as it seems right? Anyone can easily do this with the right determination.

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