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Using Custom Calendars to Promote Your Business

By: Staff - December 23, 2013


If you are looking for a useful way to promote your business, one idea to consider is custom calendars. Because your customers will keep a calendar for an extended period of time, these marketing pieces are a good way to keep a constant presence in their home or office. And even in today's electronic age, an appealing calendar with eye-catching pictures is still considered a great giveaway to customers. Here are some ways that you can use custom calendars to promote your business.

Business Card and Post Card Size

When many people think of calendars, they picture a large, 12 month affair that has to be hung on the wall. However, you can actually go for smaller calendars that prove just as useful.

When choosing a smaller postcard size, you want to make sure that everything lines up properly. Even spacing will look the best, so avoid using columns or rows. For smaller calendars like these, it is best to just put a short amount of time on one side - such as the month or the next three months. You can include a space to write in appointment times and just circle the date as a reminder.

When using the smaller sized calendars, it is important to utilize all of your space properly. A photo on the front will make the calendar very attractive, and then the appointment information can go on the back. Utilize the space on the front of the card carefully. Although you could put the picture to one end of the card and have your contact information on the other, moving the picture more towards the middle will make the card more visually interesting.

Promotional Calendar

A promotional calendar is a great way to keep in touch with your clients.

The idea is that the promotional calendar is designed to be mailed out on a regular basis. For instance, you can mail one out monthly. The front would contain your main image and the calendar for the current month. The back can contain the month prior and the month after the current month, along with space for the client to write notes or a place for you to put a special offer or coupon for that month. This calendar is both attractive and useful and something that your clients will look forward to receiving.

Countdown Calendars

Do you have a new product launch or other big event coming up? Then a countdown calendar can be a great way to generate excitement about the special day. The countdown calendar starts today and ends with the day of the event printed in a large, bold font that makes it easy to remember. You can then make the calendar more visually interesting with an image that symbolizes the product or event.

Monthly Special Calendars

Do you want to give your customers a reason to come in every month? Then you can create a traditional calendar that offers a tear-away coupon or deal that they can use each month. Keep in mind that this will require you to come up with at least 12 stunning pictures that the client will want to hang up, as well as 12 unique deals. If you are having difficulty coming up with this many ideas, you can try condensing the calendar so two or three months are on each page instead of just one. Now your customer has a reason to keep coming back!

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