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Tips For Designing Your Business Cards

By: Staff - January 15, 2014


If you want to promote yourself and your business to potential customers, one of the best things you can use is a business card. With a business card, you will always have something that you can hand out to people when an opportunity strikes, and you never know where these opportunities will lead. But while an effective business card can be a great tool, an ineffective business card can be a waste of time and money. Not only should your business card list a name and phone number, but it also needs to inspire people to call the number!

One thing you have to remember when you hand out your business card is that the people you give your business card to will not always remember who gave it to them. Depending on who the person is and the circles they typically find themselves in, they may end up with several business cards in their pocket each day. A business card must state who you are and how to reach you, of course; but also, it must state – in a very clear manner – what it is you do! You might have a company whose name does not make it clear what it does; if this is the case, make sure the card itself makes it perfectly clear!

You should also include your logo on the card, but make sure that the logo is not so intrusive that it takes over the whole card! Remember: Even though the logo is an important element, it is only one element of the card; it should be noticeable, but it should not be the focal point.

 A high-quality business card will reflect well on your business, so pay a little extra money to make sure that your card looks professional. After all, imagine yourself looking through a stack of cards for plumbers and deciding who to call first; you are likely to call the person whose card looks the most professional.

While it is easy for your business card to help your business, it is also very easy for your business card to hurt your business. Take the time to make sure your business card is effective, and spend the extra money to make sure it looks great!

If you’re looking for new printer, one that is flexible and of course produces good quality work, then look no further, PCA Delta is here to take care of all your designing and printing needs. Give us a call on  954.781.7771 and let us take care of ALL your print jobs!


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