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Choosing a Printer for the Hospitality Industry

By: Sharon Penn - February 12, 2014


Choosing the right hospitality printer can save you both time and money. Printing for the hospitality industry is a specialized niche, from attractive name badges for front desk and other personnel to guest restaurant checks and housekeeping forms.  A reputable commercial printer with an established track record in hospitality can produce the on time and on budget results you anticipate.
Expect your printer to guide you through the process of creating the guest service, dining, communication and marketing materials you need, whether you have an intimate lounge or a mega resort with hundreds of guest rooms. Your full-service commercial printer can also assist you in producing graphics and copy that contribute to the visibility of your brand, and offer important logistical and fulfillment support.
Experience Counts

When you choose a hospitality printer, there is no substitute for experience. Find out if you will be serviced by a team of professionals that will coordinate your printing requirements, promote your brand and produce high quality, custom printed pieces. The commercial printer should be capable of providing you with a customer service representative and project manager to coordinate your projects and keep you informed every step along the way. An onsite graphic arts department and expert copywriters will allow your print shop to respond to your needs quickly and effectively.
A Full Roster of Capabilities

As a print buyer in the hospitality industry, you know how important it is for your commercial printer to offer a full range of print capabilities for operational products, guest services directories, marketing materials and food and beverage printing. Make sure your printer can provide a complete roster of hospitality print products, including:

  1. Name Badges
  2. Check-In Documents/Check Out Documents
  3. Key Envelopes
  4. Registration Cards and Statements
  5. Housekeeping and Maintenance Request Forms
  6. Human Resources Forms and Training Materials 

Meeting Your Food and Beverage Needs

As hospitality professional, you know the benefits of attractive food and beverage materials that enhance your brand message and promote a pleasurable experience for customers, whether they are dining in your restaurant, relaxing in your lounge or enjoying convenient room service. Your hospitality printer should provide a range of high-quality food and beverage products, including:

  1. Restaurant, Room Service and Catering Menus
  2. Table Tent Cards
  3. Beverage Tags
  4. Coasters and Napkins
  5. Guest Checks and Captain’s Pads


Marketing Materials

Your hospitality printer can also facilitate your marketing strategies by designing materials that promote your brand message and entice customers. Attract guests with appealing printed items such as rack cards, sell sheets, direct mail postcards, pocket folders and event management products.
Forming a partnership with the right printer is not a decision that you can take lightly, but the decision process does not have to be difficult. For the best results in hospitality printing, choose an experienced custom printer like PCA Delta, and then enjoy the financial, logistical and fulfillment benefits for years to come.


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