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Adding High Impact Flyers to your Marketing Plan

By: Sharon Penn - April 11, 2014


Initiating an effective marketing campaign does not always have to cost a lot of money. However, choosing the right blend of marketing tools requires some thought and planning. Four-color catalogues and magazines, attractive brochures, full-page advertisements and large format printed items like posters and banners are all very effective, but it makes sense to put other choices into the mix. To get the result you are looking for, try incorporating low cost print options like flyers into your overall marketing plan. You may be surprised at just how well this tried and true method works for your business.


Powerful Professional Flyers 

A flyer is a concentrated sheet of advertising that can be highly effective in announcing an event or a promotion. When you look around, you will see that flyers are everywhere, telling you when the latest rock band is coming to town or announcing upcoming sales and Grand Openings. The reason they are so widely used is because, quite simply, they work.


Steps to Creating Effective Flyers


Call to Action

First, figure out the purpose of your flyer by determining what you want your target audience to do. Do you want them to visit your website, call for an appointment or come in for a sale next week? When you make that determination, you can create a strong headline that acts as a “call to action.” Put yourself in the reader’ shoes, and be direct in explaining why your service or product is something they need.


Use Visuals

Attract attention by using strong visual elements in your flyer. Varied fonts, different colors and interesting graphics like photos can get people to notice your flyer. This is where professional advice and expertise comes in. Sure, you can put something together yourself. But to get the results you are looking for and project the right image of your company, ask professional graphic artists on staff at your commercial printer to design the perfect layout for you.


Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Let the reader know what’s in it for them. In other words, let them know what they can expect to gain by adhering to your call for action and attending the Grand Opening or picking up the phone. You may offer free or discounted merchandise, consultations, refreshments, prizes or admissions.


Write Concise Copy

Use very brief copy and highlight the important points with short, bulleted lists. Be sure to repeat your call to action in the copy and again at the bottom of the page, using different wording. Strategic use of font styles, color, bolding and italics can add emphasis, but do not go overboard and make the flyer look “busy.”


Include Vital Information

Proof-read your flyer not only for typos, but for clarity and boldness. Make sure you included all the necessary information you want your customers to have. That includes your company name, logo, address, website, email, phone, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Adding a QR code can give the consumer easy access to your website. Peel off contact information at the bottom of the flyer can be an advantage.Distribution Counts


You will want to place the flyers where they will get the best result. Target your audience so you are giving the information to interested buyers. If you are a rock concert promoter, distribute your flyers where potential rock concert attendees go.


Going the extra mile in designing, printing and distributing your flyer can make all the difference in the effectiveness of your marketing effort. A professional flyer can help brand your company plus attract new and existing customers for your event or promotion.


With PCA Delta, you will make a lasting impression. We specialize in the highest quality of full color offset printing at competitive prices. Give us a call today at 954-781-7771 and make us your number one printing company.




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