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Designing a Powerful Brochure

By: Sharon Penn - May 20, 2014


Developing a marketing brochure is a highly effective strategy for attracting new customers and keeping your company name in front of old friends. When they are designed well, brochures give buyers all the information they need in a concise format. Customers will see short product descriptions and easy ordering instructions. Through the magic of electronics, you can easily link your brochure to the company catalogue or website with a QR code. Best of all, brochures have staying power, since customers often keep them handy to order what they need in the future.
Professional Designs
For a professional brochure that projects the brand message you wish to convey, draw on professional design services and high quality printing to get the job done right. A full-service commercial printer with an onsite graphic arts department can guide you through the process. Graphic artists will make recommendations about the type of brochure you need and provide you with an appealing layout. The art department will suggest stock, graphics, colors and fonts for a fresh approach.
The Tri-Fold Brochure
A simple tri-fold is a popular brochure option because it can be used as a self-mailer. Your full-service printer can provide targeted mailing lists and even mail out the brochures for you. To get an idea of what your tri-fold will look like, take a letter or legal sized paper and fold it in thirds to produce six panels. Imagine a colorful cover page with a strong headline and graphic elements like an illustration or a photograph.
The inside cover is the place for “About” information describing the company, and the remaining pages are dedicated to the features and benefits of your products and services. Make sure to include ordering and contact information, including:

  1. The company name, logo and tag line
  2. Website URL
  3. Email address
  4. Phone numbers

Businesses can link a brochure to their website, catalogue and order forms by using a printed QR code that can be opened up with a smartphone app. To mail the brochure, reserve a back panel for the address of the recipient, keeping the fold at the bottom.
Eye – Catching Elements
Incorporating interesting design elements can enhance your results. Full color printing and high gloss coated finishes catch the attention of customers before they read a word of copy.
Appealing Visuals: High-impact visual elements like striking colors, interesting graphics and varied fonts attract attention and encourage the right customer to find out what you have to offer.
Short Copy:  Make the most of the time customers spend with your brochure by using short copy and bulleted lists that pack a punch. Bolding, italics and assorted font sizes emphasize the important highlights.
Special Offers: Include a coupon or a prominent headline announcing a special promotion or discount as an attention-getting incentive.
The Call to Action: The all-important “call to action” is a prominent part of any brochure. Invite readers to visit your website, come in for a sale or bring in the brochure coupon for a discount on merchandise.
Getting your Brochure into the Right Hands
The key to success is to get your brochure into the hands of those who are the most likely to use your products. Brochures are a natural fit for direct mail, and there are other avenues for distribution as well. An artisan jeweler may hand out brochures to a craft fair, and a pet-sitting company might distribute a brochure at a veterinarian’s office. If you have a shop, place your brochures right outside the door to give customers pricing and other information.


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