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Book Binding, the Perfect Solution

By: Sharon Penn - June 16, 2014


Vivid colors, an appealing layout and a memorable logo can go a long way when printing a custom catalogue, booklet or corporate report. To create the right impression, choosing an appropriate binding method can make all the difference. For a soft-cover bookbinding solution that provides durability as well as a printable surface, perfect book binding can be the perfect choice.
Onsite Perfect Binding Capability
PCA Delta, the multi-million dollar Pompano Beach commercial printing company, prides itself as one of the very few commercial print shops with perfect binding equipment right on the premises. The company handles large and small commercial printing projects, including full color magazines, trade show materials, pocket folders, catalogues, banners, signage, brochures, direct mail and postcards. The onsite graphic arts department is prepared to create your logo and offer advice on design, layout and stock. 
Perfect Binding Defined
The perfect binding method, sometimes referred to as case binding, is a popular soft-cover bookbinding technique where the pages and the cover are attached at the spine with a strong and flexible thermal glue. The cover is typically a heavier card or paper stock that can be clear coated for visual appeal and increased durability that will stand the test of time. The other three sides are trimmed for a clean look with perfect edges, thus the name perfect binding. The spine is also printable and has a neat, square appearance. 
Why Choose Perfect Binding
Perfect binding finishing is desirable because it is generally less expensive than hardcover binding techniques. The perfect binding method is useful for companies, organizations and individuals that need short runs of a just a couple of hundred books, catalogues, reports or manuals. This method is also appropriate for a project with a high page count, like a thicker catalogue or a product brochure. Upon completion, the finished perfect bound piece produces a shape that is attractive for displays and also stacks well for easy storage. The result is a cost-effective, professional printed piece with a custom printed cover that offers a high degree of durability. 
Uses of Perfect Binding
Perfect binding is the ideal low-cost option for a professional result. This method is used by companies, organizations and individuals with projects like self-publishing a paperback book.
Perfect binding is ideal for:
Corporate reports
Soft-cover paperback books
Thicker product manuals
Course workbooks
Training manuals
Collections of documents
PCA Delta, the Printing Powerhouse
PCA Delta offers an impressive roster of advanced equipment for a wide range of quality custom printing capabilities. For large projects, a 10–color Perfector press prints both sides of the page at the same time, saving time and enhancing quality. Extensive in-house resources including perfect binding allow for tight control over the finished product. Onsite fulfillment guarantees that printed pieces flow seamlessly from the printing press into the hands of the targeted consumer. Presses are available 24/7 to complete projects on time.

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