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The Perfect Presentation Folder

By: Sharon Penn - July 11, 2014

Presentation folders function as organizers for a variety of materials, whether you are providing product information to a client during a sales call, handing out company information at a trade show or storing notes and information gathered at a meeting. Custom designed presentation folders can also serve as effective marketing materials by using your logo, colors and tag line to reinforce your brand recognition. Consider the contrast between handing a new client a bunch of separate product descriptions, and presenting the same information in a professional, organized manner that prominently features your company logo and is easily filed for future reference.


Using Presentation Folders

Use a presentation folder any time you present your company and its products to the world. For potential customers and new customers, using a custom designed presentation folder imprinted with your logo is an opportunity to make a high impact first impression. For existing customers, you are sending the message that you are serious about your company’s image and will stand behind your products and services. Companies use presentation folders to organize product information sheets, equipment lists, “about” pages describing the company, bios of key employees, testimonials from satisfied customers, and location and contact information.

An Eye-Catching Cover

When you are ready to design your presentation folder, choose a commercial printer with an onsite design department to help you create the unique and memorable folder you have in mind. Select an attractive color associated with the brand image of your company and use the company name, logo and tag line. Finishing touches like metallic foil stamping and embossing add a quality look. Adding graphics and spot color can also make your presentation folder distinctive. A shiny coating adds durability and makes the folder more attractive. Use a heavier stock to convey a high quality image.

Designing the Folder

Your graphic designer can explain the options for designing an effective presentation folder customized to fit your needs. Presentation folders can take the place of a simple manila folder, or they can be created with a host of desirable features, including:
·         one or two 4” inside pockets, either flat or rigid
·         one or more die-cut slits for hotel keys, business cards, CD’s, DVD’s and flash drives
·         a capacity spine to accommodate more printed material
·         custom sizes including 4 x 9 and 6 x 9 inches at the small end and 9 x 14.5 for larger folders
·         full color CMYK printing and Pantone color choices
·         glossy or matte finishes
·         heavier stock
Nesting Folders

Another presentation folder option with functional and visual appeal is the nesting insert folder. Nesting folders are custom designed with inserts in one or two pockets. Each sheet is cut a half inch shorter than the one before to make the inserts stand out. A colorful band or banner is generally placed on the top of each insert sheet to emphasize the nesting feature. Nesting presentation folders are used by real estate developers to highlight various home models in a new residential community and companies that wish to focus on specific products within a product line.

Ask you professional commercial printer for ideas that meet your needs for an attractive and functional presentation folder.



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