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Designing the Right Cover for your Book

By: Staff - September 15, 2014


Studies have shown that 87% of readers choose a book based on it’s cover; only then do they turn to the back to read about the book's subject matter. A book's cover design is very important and plays a key role in reader’s appeal. The reader should be able to connect with your book's creative cover and as well as a creative content.

Some points you need to consider when designing your book cover are as following:

Cover Designing
- If you want your book to be outstanding while on display then you should definitely use a  commercial printer. They will help you to achieve an outstanding book cover that will be sold quickly to the bookstores and will be appealing to readers. It is better to have a draft of your book cover design to minimize any misunderstandings.

Make Your Ideas Known - Even though you may have hired a professional printer to do your cover design, you still need a book synopsis which should include an idea of your overall design concept. Without knowing the topic of a book, the designer will not be able to accurately design your book.

Complete Cover Design Brief - This must  include the final size of the book, page count, ISBN, binding format and more details pertaining to the design of the book. A professional cover designer will be able to place all these elements on your book's front cover and back cover (if need be) to ease you through your labor pains – of delivering your book to your readers – all the way.

PCA Delta offers design & printing services that will help you get the job done right. With an experienced team of graphic artists, computer technicians, color experts & printing professionals that are dedicated to perfection, we take your project to the next level.

Contact us today and start enjoying the PCA Delta experience. We make your business look good on paper.

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