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Holiday Season Checklist

By: Sharon Penn - November 9, 2015


Capitalize on the holiday season by planning your marketing strategy ahead of time. Think about opportunities for increasing business and keep an eye on your competitors so you can present your products in the best possible way. Keep in mind that PCA Delta, a leading custom commercial printer, can create the holiday printed pieces you need to market your products effectively at this festive time of the year. They can make your ideas a reality with onsite graphic arts, by creating a high impact printed piece, and by mailing the finished product to a targeted list of existing and potential customers. Visit online, by phone or in person with your requests, and ask PCA Delta for suggestions.

Here are some ideas to consider that can increase your sales during the holiday season and beyond:
Holiday Brochures: The holidays are the perfect time to send out your company brochure with a holiday twist. With very little effort, you can change your brochure to include a holiday graphic and headline, while keeping the remainder of the brochure the same. Or, you can start from scratch and design a holiday brochure detailing your products and services with a holiday theme.
Holiday Print Catalogues: Design an upbeat secular print catalogue that arrives in time for the holiday season. Target your audience and focus on copy and graphics that cater to lifestyle desires by showing families and couples sharing quality time together. Use high resolution photographs in full color to attract the audience, and remember that larger images are better than smaller ones. Make sure to show your products on an uncomplicated background and incorporate lifestyle shots to create a friendly mood. Do not forget to include ordering information with an order form, a phone number, a website URL and a QR code.
Calendars with a Holiday Theme:  What could be more useful than a calendar with your company name and contact information. The holiday season is a perfect time to design your calendar by choosing a format from desktop to large or small sized wall calendars. Encourage the customer to consult the calendar by including images, facts and tips of interest to keep your company name and contact information in front of the customer.
Holiday Sales: Send out a direct mail postcard announcing a special holiday sale to draw customers to your business. Unlike some other types of direct mail, a carefully targeted sale announcement is generally welcomed by customers, especially when they are in the market for holiday gifts. Be sure to include a call to action, like an ending date to the sale. Send the postcard to customers, and purchase a targeted mailing list for a particular geographic area or demographic like income or age to increase your customer base.
Promotional Items as Holiday Gifts: A useful promotional item printed with your company name and logo is the perfect way to entice consumers during the holidays. Increase your visibility with a holiday promotional item that has staying power to keep your name current in the mind of the buyer. Think printed items for the office, computer-related items or fitness items, depending on your audience. Digital photo frames can cover a wide range of consumers. Your promotional holiday gift should reflect the values of your company and your customer base.
Holiday Greeting Cards:  A holiday greeting card in the form of a colorful postcard can go a long way in keeping your name in front of your current customers, and garnering new ones. Keep it simple, with a general, non-religious message and place your company name and logo in a prominent location. Holiday greeting postcards are appreciated by consumers and send an upbeat message. 

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