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The Front Desk

By: Sharon Penn - August 10, 2015


The Welcoming Front Desk 

The saying “you never get another chance to make a good first impression” is especially true at the front desk of your hotel. Impress your guests with a warm and friendly greeting coupled with efficient check-in procedures, and keep all the essentials like key envelopes and registration cards right at your fingertips.


First Contact 

Wow your guests with the aroma of home-baked cookies, a fresh cup of coffee or a colorful tropical drink to welcome them to your hotel. Personalize your service by walking around the reception desk to greet guests face to face without a barrier, and take note of their individual requirements. A guest who has had a long trip might appreciate a soothing cup of tea sent up to the room, and a disabled guest would probably prefer a room near the elevator. A caring touch will not go unnoticed.


Efficiency Counts 

Organization at the front desk means being proactive and anticipating your guest’s needs. You might provide an easy local map of nearby restaurants and attractions, along with transportation options. You can hand out a list of services like babysitting or massage therapy that can be provided by the hotel. The tone should be helpful, not salesy.


Keep Front Desk Supplies On-Hand 

Front desk supplies have the power to brand your hotel while performing a vital function. Use the hotel logo, colors and font to identify hotel staff and products. 

Make sure you have an adequate supply of front desk operational products, including: 

  1. Name badges for staff
  2. Check-in forms
  3. Key envelopes
  4. Registration cards
  5. Portfolios of printed material (presentation folders with introductory letters, sell sheets for services offered by the hotel, important telephone numbers, map of the hotel, etc.)
  6. Vouchers 
  7. Check-out forms
  8. Housekeeping request forms
  9. Maintenance request forms
  10. Cashier’s reports/envelopes
  11. Payroll sheets/envelopes 


The Reward 

Go the extra mile at the front desk and chances are you will be rewarded with a positive review on websites like Facebook, TripAdvisor and Twitter.  In fact, your guests may not wait until the end of their stay to report a positive experience. You may see a review posted moments after the guest leaves your front desk.

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