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What’s in the Welcome Packet for your Private School

By: Sharon Penn - August 27, 2015

What’s in the Welcome Packet for your Private School?
It’s that time of year again, when school starts and excitement is in the air for both students and their parents. Putting together a welcome packet is a good way to get off to a great start and make students and their families feel at ease.

A welcome packet can help students and parents acclimate to new teachers, a new schedule and new classmates. Welcome packets can be a resource that puts people in touch with the right contact person to obtain information, and they can help parents connect with other parents. A properly designed welcome packet can help families plan ahead for scheduled events and show them how to get involved on a volunteer level.

Here are some essentials you will want to include in your welcome packet to calm any back to school jitters in the fall.
The Welcome Letter: A friendly welcome letter from the president or headmaster of the school can establish a line of communication with parents and tell them what to expect in the coming school year.
School Brochure: A colorful trifold brochure with the school logo, attractive images and information like a mission statement and a brief description of key people and facilities like the media center are in order here.
List of Important Contact Information: Inform the parents about where to get information about courses, special services, academic enrichment, the sports program, STEM opportunities and more.
Calendar: Allow families to plan for scheduled events and activities like back to school night, athletic competitions, parent conferences and meet and greets. A clearly stated, professionally printed calendar of events will set the tone and send the message that you encourage participation.
A Roster of Volunteer Opportunities: Invite parents to become involved with teambuilding volunteer opportunities that encourage a caring school community. List the opportunity and the contact person for events and programs.
Forms: It is helpful for families to have various forms all in one place, such as applications for the parent-teacher organization and order forms for school spirit clothing. For new students, include a health history and immunization form.

Ask your commercial printer about sturdy presentation folders with pockets to hold the documents. You will want to have the school logo, name and tag line prominently displayed on the front of the welcome packet. Order embossing and foil stamping to make the logo stand out and present the positive image of your school that you seek.

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