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Lock in Those Holiday Vacationers Now

By: Sharon Penn - October 23, 2015

This is the time of the year that people start thinking about their winter vacations, starting with the holiday season. With the cold weather approaching, the time is now to capture their attention and encourage them to commit. In today’s busy world, it is easy for distracted consumers to put off decisions about where to spend their leisure time.  Creating urgency in your advertising can be the key to locking in holiday  vacationers right now.

Of course, your advertising should present the features and benefits of your hotel. But for an added punch, try these tips for creating urgency to get the results you are looking for:

Offer a Time-Sensitive Discount

Give your hospitality consumer a reason to book with you right now. Provide a limited time offer to compel your customer to act now. People love a discounted rate, especially if your discounts appear infrequently. Be sure to make your special offer really special. An extra day free, discounted rates or a two-for-one sale can really capture your customer’s attention.

Provide Added Value

Another way to provide value to your customer is to provide something extra to entice the hospitality consumer. After all, who doesn’t want a free meal, a round of golf or a spa treatment as part of the hotel package? But again, to be effective and create urgency, this should be a limited time offer.

Give Away Freebies

You might offer a freebie to introduce hospitality buyers to your hotel. Issue a time-sensitive coupon for a free item – perhaps promotional – at the gift shop, a free aerobics class at the fitness facility or even an overnight stay in the off season to lure potential customers into your hotel. That way people can actually see all that you have to offer, and book their vacation or business trip with you.

Emphasize Scarcity

Nothing prompts action faster than hinting that rooms will be gone if the customer waits too long. Think of Black Friday, when people flock to the stores to get the products they want at the best prices before they are sold out. Advertising can highlight the fact that the best rooms at the best prices are available now, and may not be around in the future.

Create a Need

In addition to telling the customer how wonderful your hotel is and the fabulous amenities you offer right onsite, speak directly to the reasons your customers will want to book with you right now. They may want to celebrate a special occasion, spend family time together over the holiday season, or just get away to unplug and unwind for a rejuvenating and much deserved getaway.

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