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Planning for Prospective Parent Night

By: Sharon Penn - October 23, 2015

Now that the current school year is underway, it is time to set your sights on enrollment for the coming year. Parents are ready to take the next step and review their options for the year ahead starting in September.

One effective marketing tool is the Prospective Parent Night that is generally scheduled over the winter in advance of spring enrollment initiatives. This is an opportunity for parents to gather all the information they need to make an important decision about the education and wellbeing of their child. It is vital to provide the parent with much-needed information, and it is just as important to strike just the right note in welcoming parents so they feel comfortable about choosing your school for their child.
Prospective Parent Night can be supported by printed materials and online documents. Follow-ups with Parent Ambassador representatives is an effective tool in encouraging enrollment.

Welcome Address: Start off the evening with an upbeat welcoming address by the Headmaster. Touch upon fostering individuality in students, delivering outstanding programs with highly qualified educators, and encouraging meaningful relationships between students and between students and their teachers. If your school offers programs designed for particular students, this is the time to mention it. The Headmaster can also mention the history and accomplishments of the school.

Academics: Parents are typically interested to learn about the academic programs offered by your school and how their child will benefit. Point out how your academic programs foster independent, critical thinking and focus on character building through leadership opportunities and honor codes.

Enrichment Activities: Provide a brief overview of enrichment opportunities offered by your school such as trips, after-school programs like robotics, private lesson opportunities, and dramatic and musical performances. Working parents may be interested in “after care” programming with Homework Help.

Athletic Calendar: Athletics are part of many private school programs, and parents may need to plan ahead. Providing a calendar of athletic events can give prospective parents an idea of the scope of the athletic program and encourage them to attend.

The Admission Policy: A school representative may give a brief overview of admission policy for various grade levels and programs, supported by handouts and online information. Parents can be made aware of tuition and other expenses through enrollment forms and other printed material. Explain when students begin at the school, such as in September or January.

At the close of Prospective Parent Night, leave time for a questions and answer period and encourage parents to contact the school for further information. It is also important to follow up with parents by scheduling a one-on-one consultation with a Parent Ambassador. Count on the professionals at ScholasticPrintingFL to provide you with the high quality printed materials for your Prospective Parent Night.

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