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Gearing up for the Holiday Season

By: Sharon Penn - November 30, 2015

Now is the time to make sure everything is in place for a successful and smooth operation that meets all demands of the busy holiday season. To plan ahead, gear up your staff so you are not caught short-handed, and be sure to order supplies well in advance.

Staffing Employees

Set staffing schedules ahead of time and keep your employees in the loop so they can plan their personal holiday activities accordingly. Set an example for attendance during the holiday season with your involvement and your presence.

Here are some creative solutions that go a long way in keeping everyone on track and happy in the hectic holiday months. 

  • 1. Prepare Early:  Use projections to determine how many employees you will need in each department, and set employee schedules early. Remember that you may have to accommodate employee time- off requests, or work around staff holiday hour preferences. 
  • 2. Give Incentives: Staff attendance can be an issue during the holidays, but a small incentive can go a long way in encouraging staff loyalty. You might offer a small (or large!) bonus or a gift such as a certificate or gift card. 
  • 3. Cross Train Employees: Give your employees the opportunity to expand their skills in another area to create a win-win situation. You will gain the flexibility you need for staffing, and employees will advance their careers with the additional training. 
  • 4. Hire Supplemental Staff: Increase your workforce to manage the demands of a busy holiday season. Choose staff carefully, and keep in mind that temporary holiday workers may prove to become regulars in the future.

Take Inventory of Hospitality Products

Don’t be caught short of hospitality products for the front desk, guest rooms, and food and beverage products. Give your custom commercial printer time to do the job you expect in order to brand your hospitality business and send the right message.

Check off this list of hospitality products to be sure you have enough on hand for the holidays:

  • 1. Front Desk: Make a good impression at the front desk with an ample supply of check-in documents, name badges, key envelopes and registration forms. 
  • 2. Guest Rooms:  Encourage brand loyalty with a supply of branded and coordinated guest room materials. Reinforce brand recognition with logo pens and notepads, guest service directories, stationary and Do Not Disturb signage. 
  • 3. Food and Beverage: Check on your supply of menus, coasters, napkins and beverage tags. Plan special event menus, and have enough staff training manuals on hand. 
  • 4. Marketing Materials: Chances are you will have to increase your marketing during the holidays. Be competitive with quality marketing materials like brochures, direct mail postcards, presentation folders and rack cards that convey your brand image.


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