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Putting Together an Amazing Yearbook

By: Sharon Penn - December 28, 2015


The yearbook is the culmination of a wonderful year at your private school, and there are some simple steps you can follow to make the current publication the best one yet. The process of putting a yearbook together starts long before the end of the school year. Now is the time to contact your commercial printer about creating an awesome yearbook that will be a keepsake of cherished memories for students and staff for years to come.


The Basics

Start off by taking care of the basics first when you put together your yearbook.

  • Form a Yearbook Committee that includes students as well as teachers
  • Name a Yearbook Committee advisor
  • Plan out the pages of the yearbook to include a title page, a couple of pages for the staff and department list, and several pages for class portrait pages including the names of students and teachers. 


Pick an Exciting Theme

Meet with the Yearbook Committee and choose a theme that relates to the school year or a value important to your private school. Some examples are Above the Crowd, A Galaxy of Possibilities, and Let the Journey Begin.


Clubs, Activities, Sports and Projects

If your private school is like many others, there have been many wonderful events and activities throughout the year. You might have held a charity day for the benefit of local families, theatrical and musical performances, competitive sporting events and special environmental projects like cleaning up a neighborhood park. Each club, sports team, activity and project should have its own page. 


Student Contributions and Candid Photographs

Leave space for student poems, essays, drawings and photos. Include fun candid shots from the cafeteria, the halls, classrooms and outside the building. Select a student photographer from the Yearbook Committee to supplement the photos you already have on hand. The key is to include as many students in the photos as possible.



Make sure to leave enough pages at the back for autographs. For many students, signing autographs for friends and asking for theirs is a highlight of receiving a yearbook.


Set Your Budget

Now that you can estimate how many pages you will need, you can contact your commercial printer to get an idea of a price to print your yearbook. Be sure to choose a printer with the capability of printing your yearbook and other materials for your private school for consistent high quality. A full-color yearbook is attractive and makes a definite statement about your school, but you may want to use some black and white pages as well to offset costs. Sponsorship pages and advertising can help bring the costs down. 


Printing a Yearbook for Your Private School

When you are ready to plan the printing of your yearbook, go with the pros at ScholasticPrintingFL.com. We are a division of the multi-million dollar commercial printing powerhouse PCA Delta, known as a leader in the printing industry. Count on ScholasticPrintingFL.com to provide brochures, catalogs, direct mail postcards, brochures, posters, forms, magazines, welcome packets as well as yearbooks for your private school.


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