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7 Tips for your Private School Newsletter

By: Sharon Penn - March 9, 2016


A school newsletter is a great way to promote your private school and strengthen the school community. Your newsletter will not only encourage students, parents and teachers to get involved, but it will also generate excitement, provide information and help to reinforce your school’s brand message. Choose an experienced commercial printer to do the layout and printing to get the high-quality result you expect.

1. Put Together a Team:
It may be your vision, but there is a lot of work to be done. Incorporating ideas from a dedicated team of writers, photographers and artists will make your newsletter stronger. The more people who are involved, the more popular the newsletter will become.

2. Define your Goals: Decide on the purpose of your school newsletter. Are you trying to promote the school’s activities, or are you seeking to increase parental involvement? Do you want to provide information, or perhaps raise money? Or maybe all of the above. The answers to these questions will guide your content.

3. Choose a Great Name and Logo: The name of your school newsletter should reflect the ideals of the school and/ or incorporate the school name. The logo should be based on the logo of the school, with a slight change in design. The graphic designer at your commercial printer can help you achieve the right look.

4. Plan Ahead: Hold team meetings to plan out the newsletter well ahead of time so you will meet your deadlines. Keep in mind that everything will take longer than you anticipate, from garnering advertisements to obtaining photos and articles. Build an editorial content calendar to plan your content ideas, and assign team members to each article.

5. Include Interviews: One tried and true idea for an interesting newsletter is to interview key people in the school community, such as a popular teacher, a member of the administration, a parent, an athletic coach or an accomplished student. Ask open-ended questions for the best response.

6. Use Visuals: Photos, bulleted copy, illustrations and interesting font choices can add to the look of the newsletter and attract readers. While you can get an idea of how the newsletter will look with an online program, for a professional appearance that reflects the high quality of your school, choose a commercial printer with an art department to do the layout professionally.

7. Make Some Money: A good way to pay for newsletter expenses is to sell advertising space. Advertisers will appreciate the opportunity to support the school and get the word out to a targeted audience.

When you are ready to print your school newsletter, contact the experienced commercial printers at ScholasticPrintingFL at 954-228-3166. We can produce the layout and four-color newsletter you expect with the professional look you want to convey the brand message of your private school.

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