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Important Hospitality Trends in 2016

By: Sharon Penn - March 9, 2016

Important Hospitality Trends in 2016

In an increasingly competitive environment, staying ahead of current trends in the hospitality industry can make all the difference. Here are some concepts to investigate, from strengthening your brand recognition to emphasizing health and wellness. Today’s hotel bars are becoming more distinctive and trendy, and technological advances are streamlining check-in procedures and providing innovative techniques for convenience and safety.

Differentiate to Capture the Market

Strong brand definition and differentiating your hotel from all the rest is required to overcome the competition. For luxury travelers, your brand can make the difference as prime locations become more and more saturated. Print media like high quality magazines and glossy, full color oversized direct-mail postcards can help reinforce your brand and complement soft brand strategies like décor, service style and amenities to lure customers.

Health and Wellness

From healthy item vending machines to top rated fitness workshops, the hospitality industry is jumping on the health and wellness segment to accommodate health-conscious guests. More and more people consider their health and exercise regimen an important part of their lives, and they look forward to continuing with their routine even when away from home. A fully-equipped gym is pretty much expected, along with personal trainers and spa services like massages. Menus now include items like detox salads with an emphasis on berries, Greek yogurt and quinoa.  Some establishments are sponsoring health and wellness oriented events like a run or a contest.

Inviting Hotel Bars

 Whether your guests are vacationing or attending a convention, the hotel bar provides a place to kick back and relax in a comfortable atmosphere. Many hotel bars are open to the public, who come for the ambiance and, in important destinations, a chance to rub shoulders with a celebrity or two. Beside the ever-present sports bars, you will find lively hotspots with sweeping city views, intimate settings with private enclosed seating areas, glamorous bars with contemporary design and casual venues with fireplaces and banquette seating. Outdoor courtyard bars and rooftop bars with heat lamps and firepits are all the rage.

Technological Advances

Guests can now check in with an app on a mobile device, and you can expect to see innovative technology in other areas as well. They may be able to manage their preferences like a floor preference in advance online to avoid delays at the front desk. The room of the future could be accessed by a mobile phone rather than a key or card, wake a guest with increasing light rather than a jarring phone call, and provide conveniences like universal phone chargers, iPod docks and laptop docking stations. TVs may respond by voice recognition, and you may start to see floors with built-in sensors to light the way to the bathroom at night.

When you are ready to enhance your brand with coordinated, high quality custom printing, contact the experts at PCA Delta. We are experienced commercial printers with a range of onsite capabilities to insure that your projects go according to plan. Please call us at 954-781-7771 to find out what we can do for you.

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