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Tips for Telling your Hotel’s Story

By: Sharon Penn - April 11, 2016

This year, branding your hotel goes far beyond the usual to spark your guests’ imagination. Hoteliers are creating a storyline to paint a picture that lures clients to their hotel with a captivating message forecasting a wonderful stay. But in order to tell your unique story, you have to know who you are and find out who you are trying to attract. Here are some tips for developing a story and telling it to the world.

Tip #1: Determine Why People Love You
When you understand who you are as a hospitality venue, you can start sending the story out across a broad spectrum of marketing channels. Online resources, print advertisements, TV commercials and high gloss magazines are popular media to get your brand message across. One way to determine your hotel’s story is to go directly to social media, read reviews and send out surveys to find out what guests love about your venue. 
Every hotel is different, and you have to know your strengths before you put together your story. Do you have a great location, offer a terrific value, consider “green” elements that respect the environment or display stylish décor elements that attract upscale vacationers? If you have a hotel designed for business clients, do you offer conveniences like complimentary breakfast and all the latest technology?
Tip # 2: Target your Audience
Once you have determined what makes your hotel attractive to guests, you are ready to define your target audience. An upscale resort far away on a private island will attract a luxury crowd looking for a memorable experience, while a hotel with low pricing situated near exciting attractions is poised to draw families and those who are looking for good value. 
Look to your repeat customers to determine who stays with you on a regular basis. It may be that your property appeals to more than one demographic – say people looking for adventure, and people interested in sight-seeing. Determining your target audience will allow you to craft a storyline that appeals to them by using language and images that resonate with their expectations and desires.
Tip #3: Highlight your Unique Selling Point
Ever since the 1940’s when differentiating companies from the competition became the bedrock of branding, showcasing your USP or Unique Selling Proposition has been the key to successful marketing campaigns. This is your chance to figure out what is most appealing about your property. Guests stay with you for a reason, and your hotel story can elaborate on your distinctive qualities that set you apart from the crowd. 
Hotels located near an important tourist attraction may highlight convenience, while private villas at the edge of the ocean may highlight privacy and romance. You might offer supervised  activities to attract families with children, or cutting edge architecture with a trendy wine bar and rooftop pool to attract sophisticated guests. Or maybe your hotel is located in the heart of the city within walking distance of boutiques, museums and restaurants. Your story and your marketing campaign will focus on your particular assets.
Now that you have identified your hotel’s amazing story, it is time to tell it to the world in print, online and on TV.

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