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Do your Marketing Materials Really Help your Sales Force?

By: Staff - June 10, 2016


Marketing Sales ForceMarketing and sales go hand in hand since they are both focused on improving the bottom line. Effective marketing strategies and sales techniques generate new business while promoting retention of existing customers. Marketing material can generate leads, and it is up to the sales force to close the sales. A visit from a sales rep typically involves collateral marketing material that can help seal the deal, but are they really designed to do the job?


Welcome to the Real World

The sales force comes in contact with authentic business situations in the real world, and it is the job of the marketing team to design collateral materials that are practical tools to help close the sale. Sales people are out there trying to convert an interested customer into an actual buyer, and the marketing materials they present should help with that effort. While it may be difficult, it is important to keep the prospect in mind when you create your marketing collateral and not focus on your company.


What Can you Do For Me?

When it comes down to making the sale, all prospective customers want to know is “what can you do for me?” Your marketing materials should be written to your target audience, the client. “About Us” webpages describing your company, videos explaining how many years you have been in business and customer testimonials are all effective, but what prospects really want to find out is what you have to offer that will help their situation, and why they should deal with you and not the competition.


Tips for Effective Collateral Materials

Brochures, sell sheets, newsletters, postcards and other collateral materials should motivate the prospect to purchase your products and services. Make sure to target your audience and explain the benefits as well as the features of your products. It is important to highlight the USP (unique selling proposition) that differentiates your company from competitors to encourage prospective customer to sign with you.    

  • 1. Know the Market: Before you can write marketing material to support your sales force, you have to know your target market and understand what will persuade them to buy from you. You can conduct a demographic study of your prospects and purchase targeted lists from your commercial printer to nurture prospective clients. Make sure to use a conversational tone in your marketing materials.
  • 2. Define your Products: Clearly define your products and services with brief copy and bulleted lists so your prospect can easily see all of the features that are of interest to them. Make sure to emphasize the problem-solving nature of your products and services so consumers can understand the benefits to them as well as the features.
  • 3. Be Persuasive: Use clear and convincing wording so your copy is informative yet easy to understand. A friendly and conversational tone encourages the consumer to feel understood and makes them more willing to listen to what you have to say. Be sure to include a call to action and an easy way to contact you by email, phone or online to place and order.

You may want to request feedback from the sales team before printing your collateral material to be sure they will distribute it in the knowledge that it will promote sales.

PCA Delta is an established multi-million dollar commercial print shop located in Pompano Beach, Florida. Our facility offers the latest technology, a graphic arts department, “green” initiatives and a wide range of capabilities for true custom printing of collateral marketing material that supports your sales efforts.


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