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Creative Options for Custom Printing

By: Sharon Penn - September 16, 2016

Your full-service commercial printer can help you create a uniquely designed brochure, presentation folder, magazine or direct mail postcard using the right finishing techniques. When you are planning your custom printing project, it helps to know about the options that are available to produce that special printed piece with a “wow factor” that leaves a memorable impression on your customers.


Finishing techniques provide decorative elements as well as functional features. Finishing can give a magazine a shiny cover, provide a slit for a business card in a presentation folder and create a lacy effect on a greeting card.


Here are some of the more popular finishing techniques:



Aqueous and UV coatings give your brochures, magazines and catalogs a shiny finish that adds protection as well as visual appeal. Coatings are applied during the printing process with a resulting matte, glossy or satin finish. Spot UV varnishes target a specific area of the page while leaving the other areas untreated, adding texture and interest to the printed page.


Foil Stamping

Foil stamping applies attractive metallic material to the print surface by means of pressure and heat. This technique can provide an upscale quality to your printed piece by adding reflective accents to your logo or other elements.



The finishing technique of embossing can provide a tactile element to your design. Embossing raises portions of the printed page to create a three-dimensional area that adds emphasis and texture. The physical depth of these embossed sections creates highlights and shadows that add a distinctive quality. Embossing is often combined with foil stamping to create a synergy that enhances the impact of both finishing techniques.



You can think of letterpress as the opposite of embossing, since it depresses portions of the page. The traditional use of letterpress was to apply ink to the page for text, but today’s creative designs feature letterpress for logos and other design elements for high visual appeal.


Die Cut

A die cut will change the shape of the paper to emphasize elements of the design. An example would be to create a business card for a real estate agent in the shape of a house. Die cuts are used to make a slit in a presentation folder to accommodate the card, or to create an address window for an envelope.



A finishing technique related to die cut is perforation, which cuts halfway through the paper. Perforation is a commonly used method for easy removal of part of the printed page. Gift certificates, coupons, admission tickets and membership cards often use perforation techniques.



Creative folding techniques can add extra pages without adding bulk to your printing project. For example, a centerfold can feature an extra folded page, and a tight accordion fold can take a large sheet of paper and make it fit in a smaller package such as a box of pills.


At PCA Delta, the commercial printing powerhouse in Pompano Beach, Florida, our experienced team of experts will guide you in finding appropriate solutions for your printing projects. We offer a full range of printing services, from our design department, top graphic artists, copywriting services and custom and gang run printing options.


Count on the graphic arts department at PCA Delta to provide you with the guidance you need to use the latest finishing techniques for a truly unique and inspiring result. Ask us to find the most cost-effective way to print your brochures, business cards, postcards, outdoor signage, catalogs, brochures, presentation folders and magazines.


Please call us today at 954.781.7771 for all your printing needs.



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