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3 Important Tips for a Successful Trade show

By: Sharon Penn - December 16, 2016

When it comes to trade shows, advance planning can make the difference between just showing up and making your presence known to acquire new business and reinforce established relationships. Appearing at a trade show is the perfect opportunity to generate leads, learn what the competition is doing and find suppliers and resources to bolster business. Networking at a trade show can yield immediate success and plant the seeds for future lucrative relationships.


Here are some important tips for a successful trade show.

Tip #1: Pick the Right Trade show

Out of the thousands of trade shows that take place every year, only a few will really suit your company’s needs. Choose a trade show in the right geographic area that draws customers and vendors in your industry. Figure out what you want to achieve, and then research trade shows to find the best fit. Experienced companies that display at trade shows know that immediate sales are just part of a trade show success story. Use the trade show to showcase a new product, strengthen relationships with customers and introduce your company to new clients to produce sales down the road.

Tip #2: Don’t Go Over Budget

It is easy to go overboard with trade show expenses, so do your homework to set a sensible budget in line with your requirements and current pricing. The exhibit booth typically represents around a quarter of your total trade show budget. The remaining allocations are for printed materials such as large format banners, brochures, sell sheets and presentation folders, signage, lighting, and of course, building and transporting the exhibit. Promotional items imprinted with your logo are also important to encourage your prospects remember your company. Don’t forget to add in travel expenses.

Tip #3: Use a Timeline

Working within a timeline can help you coordinate tasks that contribute to a successful trade show. Tell your customers well in advance that you plan to exhibit at the show, and set up meetings. Make travel arrangements for yourself and your staff, and order your promotional materials, posters and other materials ahead of time so you can assemble your information packets well advance of the show. Send out your direct mail postcards to remind customers and prospects of the date, and build in enough time to construct your trade show exhibit. Train your staff to make a concise “elevator pitch” about your company to new faces at the show and hand out printed materials for future reference.

Assess your success at the trade show by comparing your established goals with your actual accomplishments. You may have to do this assessment in the months following the show to get a true reading of the impact your participation had on existing and potential customers. Analyze the return on your investment to help you plan for future shows that will generate leads, build customer relations and garner valuable exposure for your product lines and your company.

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