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Design Elements in Print Marketing

By: Sharon Penn - January 17, 2017


Design matters, whether you are printing a brochure, a catalog, a direct mail postcard or marketing materials. A professional logo, design and layout can make all the difference when it comes to projecting your brand message and enticing new and existing customers to buy your products. A full-service commercial printer with an in-house graphic arts department can guide you in striking just the right note in all your printed pieces and make sure you achieve the consistency you need for a professional look.

Consider these elements when you design the printed materials for your marketing campaign:


Vivid Colors

Vibrant colors that jump off the page can attract attention and add value to your marketing materials. While it is common knowledge that the primary colors from which every other color is made are red, yellow and blue, the printing industry views color a little differently. Printers use a particular shade of blue ink (Cyan) and a particular shade of red ink (Magenta) in addition to Yellow and Black. The term CMYK stands for these colors, with K referring to black. During the printing process these ink colors are generally applied in that order. When you create a color scheme for your print marketing materials, keep in mind that colors like yellows, oranges and reds project a feeling of warmth, while blues, greens and violets project coolness.


Positive and Negative Shapes

Shape is another design element that takes on great importance in a printed marketing piece. A shape is formed when a line intersects other lines or crosses itself to enclose a space. Graphic artists work with structured geometric shapes as well as organic shapes that are more free-flowing. In addition to the familiar positive shapes that we see in graphic design, artists also pay close attention to negative spaces that surrounds the object. In logo design, you will often notice that the negative space forms a letter or symbol relating to the company, as in the arrow on a Federal Express logo.


Design with Lines

Lines can be thick or thin, tapered or uneven, or sharp or blurred. Graphic artists use lines to create horizontal, diagonal and vertical designs, as well as zig zags and curves. The way lines are used can create a smooth and graceful design in your marketing materials, or an exciting sharp and jagged look. Artists know that some lines are implied and not explicit, so some marketing materials will feature lines that are not actually drawn but are suggested by the placement of other objects in the design.


Consistency Counts

When you achieve the look you are striving for, stick with it. Your design style should stay consistent across a broad range of printed pieces, from brochures and catalogs to postcards and flyers. If you decide on high quality photography instead of illustrations, stay with photography. Choose your fonts carefully, and use them across the board. If your logo looks good on the lower right hand corner, keep it there on all your marketing materials. Remember, consistency counts to make your marketing materials and your company appear professional.


Designing Professional Marketing Materials

Count on the talented graphic artists at PCA Delta, the leading full-service commercial printer in Pompano Beach, Florida. We work with you to create the professional print marketing materials you need for your company. Our state-of-the-art facility provides an onsite graphic arts department, advanced technology and a wide range of capabilities for true custom printing to brand your company and support your marketing efforts. Our customer service representatives will guide you every step along the way for the design you envision.


Please contact us online or call 954.781.7771 for all your printing needs.

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