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Custom Mugs as Corporate Gifts

By: Ethan James - November 14, 2013


What are the marketing mantras of today? Let’s look at few:

• You must stay in touch – with your customers or your prospective clients as the need be. Do not lose touch.

• Stay ahead of your competitors – in every way – from product development to product placement.

As a reader you may feel what has marketing rule got to do with custom mugs? This article is truly not about marketing theories. But this article will definitely help you in understanding how to apply these basic marketing rules for your business and help your business prosper.

While there are many tools that can be utilized to help stay in touch or stay ahead of competition, let’s explore the concept of corporate gatherings and corporate gifts as tools to achieve that. We all know how effective it is to discuss your product in front of people, in gatherings and stay in people’s view. Corporate parties, trade fairs, exhibitions, marketing campaign where you gather prospective customers and collect their view on the product, or simply employing street campaigning – all these are effective tools in generating people’s interest and maintaining that. If you add to that the concept of free gifts, things that people can have as keepsakes then your campaign is sure to stay in people’s mind. Corporate gifts help you achieve that. There are many interesting and effective items that you can give away as corporate gifts.

• Gift something that can be useful in a person’s day to day life. For example a personalized key chain with your company’s logo, a flash light and if needed also a small message.

• Consider gifting a custom imprinted stress ball. It will come handy in the office, most people will use it and along with that they will remember your company, it’s name and it’s product.

• How about some exciting custom imprinted can cooler or can cozies. In a stadium full of hundred of people, imagine someone holding their beer can in a can cooler that sports your company’s name and logo. Your company and it’s name is right there in front of many to see. Who knows the spectator sitting next may actually enquire about the product if the coozie carries your company’s message!

• Finally, how about gifting custom imprinted coffee mugs. With your company’s name and logo, a small description of the product or the service that you specialize in imprinted on the ceramic mug with nice catchy color and font and you might just have a winner in your hands!

Explore Custom Mugs and see for yourself. An excellent collection of custom imprinted coffee mugs and ideas on how to custom print the mugs. You will also get a number of choices as far as color, font, graphics, etc are concerned. Avail of great discounts when you order in bulk.

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