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Budgeting 101 for promotional products

By: Diane Schultz - October 7, 2012

Soon (if not already), your company will be planning its budget for next year.  As you know, promotional items fall under the marketing section of the company budget.  How will you figure out how many dollars to put on that line item?  Here are some questions that will help you with that.

Trade shows

How many trade shows will your company be exhibiting at next year?  Do the shows have a large attendance (which means a large quantity of promotional items will be needed) or a small attendance?  There are various web sites where you can find out the average attendance of a show to help you determine the quantity of promotional items you’ll need to order.  

Will you be exhibiting at other places besides a trade show?  Some companies have a booth at their state’s fair or at a county fair, and at other business functions as well.  These functions are a great place for promotional giveaways as well.

Customer gifts

Will you be giving your customers gifts with company logos on them?  How many customers do your have?  How much do you want to spend per customer?  Are there some customers that you want to have a more expensive gift than others?

Employee promotional items

Will you be providing office supplies, such as pens, notepads, coffee mugs, tote bags, etc. with your company logo to your employees? Will you be gifting your employees with company promotional items?  Do you require your employees to wear clothes such as polo shirts, button down shirts, T-shirts, jackets or baseball caps with your company name on them?  Will you be having parties for your employees and will you be giving them promotional items at those parties?


Will you be doing mailings to solicit new customers and retain old customers next year?  Will you be putting promotional items such as pens, magnetic business cards, calendars, etc. in those mailings?  (A helpful hint:  place a sticker on the envelope that reads “Free gift inside!” so that the recipient doesn’t think your important mailing is junk mail.)  If your customer orders a product from your company, do you place promotional items into the package with the item(s)?  Lightweight promotional items such as pens, magnetic business cards, or calendars add little or no weight to a package.

Shopping bags

If you own a retail business, the bags you put your customer’s items in can also serve as a promotional item if it has your company name and contact information on it and the customer reuses it.  How many bags do you think you’ll need for next year?  What sizes of bags will you need?  What kind of material do you want your bags made from – reuseable bags, regular plastic, paper?

New services, new initiatives and/or new products

Is your business planning to roll out anything new next year?  Have you thought about how you’re going to promote it to your present customers and potential customers?  Will you be giving away promotional items to promote the new initiative, service or product?

Promotional items for sales calls

Does your business have salespersons that go out and visit potential customers personally?  Does the salesperson leave promotional items such as pens, calendars, magnetic business cards, etc. with the potential customer?

Holiday cards

 You (hopefully) have ordered your business’ holiday cards for this year, but what about next year?  Small promotional items like calendars, magnetic business cards, etc. fit perfectly inside holiday cards and are a little extra something special.

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