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Great Promotional Printing Tips For The New Year

By: Robert Johnston - January 12, 2016


Need some promotional printing tips for the new year? Well look no further. In this article, I will give you a few very successful printing tips that should help you print promotional materials better and give them the attention that they deserve. There are four main tips you should know really.

Always printing a personal and a public promotional color print - Promotional printing must always be done with a two pronged approach. There should be an approach to the individual and the approach to the mass audience. This lets you cover a market more completely while still being able to get your message to the most important people in that market. 

To do this, you will need to print something for public promotions. Posters are the best example of this kind of printing. Afterwards, you also need to go for the personal or the individual. So you should also print things like brochures or flyers to be able to promote to a specific persons. Doing this covers a lot of different aspects in printed promotions giving you the best chances of success.

Rotating between different printed promotional materials - Another great tip is to try rotating between printed promotional materials. If you guys used plain old flyers at first, why not go for new brochures instead? If you are already bored with brochures, why not go for something completely different like a door hanger. By constantly changing your equipment and rotating through them, you keep your yearly promotions quite fresh looking and interesting.

Print in bulk to get wholesale discounts - You should also remember to always print in bulk to get wholesale discounts. Don’t just print little batches that will cost a lot more per piece. Bulk orders get better discounts and you maybe even be able to save at most 20% of your normal printing cost. So if you need to promote something or distribute an important printed material it is best to order in bulk and get the benefits.

Online color printing is always one of the best option - Finally, you should know that online color printing is always a good option to use. Not only does this make the ordering procedure faster, this also gives you the ability to print professionally accepted prints all from your home. It can be very convenient.

So in this New Year, why don’t you try some of these printing tips? It might really help you out!

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