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Your New Year Resolution: Printing New Business Cards

It is the New Year and it is time to throw out the old and welcome in the new. If you have your old business cards still in your wallet, maybe it is about time to throw them out and make new color business cards. In this dynamic business atmosphere it pays to always have a fresh face. New color business cards will tell people that you are always up to date and in with the times. So, it is always a good practice to print business cards with new designs periodically.

Now, do you know how to redesign your business card? It is very simple. Follow some of the tips we have listed here and you will be ready for a color business card makeover. Hopefully this will help you show a fresh face to current and potential business contacts.

Change your colors The best and easiest thing to change in your business card is its color. If you are still using a plain white business card, then you are indeed behind the times. The most effective and eye-catching business cards today use different colors. If you look at your collection of business cards you will always spot the ones that are not white right? So this new year, treat yourself to something new and change the color of your business card. A simple color change may be from white to black. Black business cards with gray, silver or white lettering has elegance all to its own. Black is always popular and you can never go wrong with it. Other formal colors include light blue and light green. If you want be a bit adventurous you can also try Red or Yellow business cards. However, use these colors carefully as some industries might not take you seriously with such bright and flashy colors.

Switch to new and popular designs Next, you can also try to redesign the overall layout of your business card. You can do this by looking through the new and popular business card template designs that are available this year. Just look for business card templates in your search engine and browse through the myriad of designs online business card printing companies have to offer. Of course you can also create a color business card design of your own. You can try changing your business card’s original font, its text size and the overall placement of its elements. Again you can refer to several examples that can be found online for inspiration.

Find a new motto Now, if you have a motto or maxim in your print business card, you can also change this for the New Year. If you are not particularly attached to your tagline then this is a good opportunity. Taglines are a good way of remembering a business card. If last year your business cards were not that effective, then maybe a new tagline might help. Maybe your tagline was boring, so now you can change to a catchier one. If you can, try and integrate a few rhymes into your business card tagline to make it more memorable. Also, word techniques like repeating first letters also work here. For example your tagline can say “the best bargain baggers in the business”.

Redistribute Lastly, once you make your new color business cards. Do not forget to redistribute them. Since you may have updated your contact numbers since last time your printed your business cards this is a great opportunity to re-establish a few past contacts. They may find your new and fresh business cards appealing and you might get some new business opportunities.

Great! We hope you can use these tips for you new business cards this year. Remember that your business cards should always be dynamic. The world will change always, so always change with the world.

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