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Parts Of Successful Marketing Product Brochures

By: Lynne Saarte -

Success in brochure printing and marketing does not come from great brochure templates alone. In this quick guide to marketing brochures, I will tell you the parts that your brochure printing needs to be successful in its objectives. You cannot rely on a template to do all the things for you. You need to place the proper layouts that make your color brochures successful. So read on and learn what you need to put in.

Eye-catcher cover - The first part that you need to focus on is the cover. Your color brochure cover must immediately demand attention and catch the eyes of passers-by. Usually, the cover of a color brochure has a good main image, with a big title that has a premise. This can be a question, a thought provoking title, or simply a statement that the brochure gives important and significant information. Think very creatively for this section and make sure that it is original and distinct from other brochures in your market.

Product details - The next most important section of your marketing color brochures is the product details section. This is where you place the important information about your product. This section should give complete and simple to understand details of what the product is, its capabilities and limitations, its primary specifications, the variations of it, and most important of all the price and certain package deals. It is best to use lists in this section so that people can remember the details better and longer. Of course do not forget to add a picture or two if possible

Testimonial/Lifestyle Feature - Afterwards, you can actually add some supporting facts and details about your product. You can place in testimonials in your color brochures so that people will have some evidence supporting the product details that you have encountered. Moreover, you can also add a small feature about how your product promotes the popular lifestyle that everybody tries to follow. So this section can also support and improve the prevailing product image to make the reader really interested in the product.

Call to action section
- Finally, the last section that should always be added to a marketing brochure is the call to action section. This is basically the part where people get excited because of the “call to action” words they heard. These are the “buy now”, “see more” or “contact us” phrases that make people want to act. They can then transform those readers into real customers, making the color brochure more successful.

So those are the important parts of making a brochure. Make sure that your brochure printing covers all of these parts to make it more effective.

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