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Create Beautiful Handmade Easter Cards

By: Victoria Hooper -

Making handmade Easter cards is a fun activity for all the family. Ideas for creating beautiful Easter cards.

Homemade cards are not only more personal, memorable and meaningful than those bought in a shop; they are also great fun to make! Card crafts can help keep the kids entertained during the run-up to Easter, or can be used to teach them the true meaning of the holiday. Sending a homemade card is also a wonderful way to show that loved ones are truly appreciated and cared for. Creating handmade Easter cards is an enjoyable Easter activity for the whole family.

The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is a familiar Easter symbol, and a fun theme for any handmade Easter card. Try creating the Easter Bunny using a collage of different materials and papers, with a large cotton ball for his fluffy tail, pink felt in his ears, a ribbon around his neck, and woven paper for his basket. Finish off with craft eyes, available from most craft stores for creating soft toys. Remember to keep small bits away from younger children.

For an exciting Easter Bunny card, cut the card itself into the shape of the bunny or his head. Then let the children go wild decorating it with coloured paper, glitter, stickers, ribbons, buttons, dried pasta shapes, tissue paper and other embellishments. For this card, the more bright and colourful, the better.

Let younger kids create their own colourful Easter Bunnies using fingerprinting or vegetable printing techniques. For the more advanced crafters, why not try making a decoupage bunny, or construct an Easter Bunny head using a variety of smaller images of different coloured flowers?

Easter Flowers

Flowers are a good theme for Easter cards because they represent new life and fresh awakenings. Paler colours are the most effective, especially white and yellow. White lilies are the traditional Easter flower, representing purity and salvation. Daffodils are also common due to their early bloom.

For a simple yet effective handmade Easter card, make a collage of a chosen flower using coloured paper and other materials. Pasta shapes, beads and buttons make good additions for the flower’s centre, and tissue paper or crepe paper is great for creating beautiful, soft petals. For a trickier but memorable alternative, try creating the flower using real dried flower petals.

For a more religious message, try creating a cross shape using smaller close-up flower images, or use yellow flowers to create the rays of light that surround it.

Easter Eggs

As with the Easter Bunny, a very effective and fun handmade Easter card can be made by shaping the actual card into an egg. Then the egg can be decorated in any style, with any materials, making it as bright and colourful as possible. For a more sophisticated egg, try decorating it with other Easter scenes and symbols, or even use handmade paper flowers.

This particular card is great for kids as the egg shape is not too difficult to cut, and they will have enormous fun decorating it. Use multi-coloured pens, glitter, ribbons, coloured paper, torn tissue paper, stickers, buttons and other embellishments to create fantastic eggs. Why not suggest that the children theme their egg on their favourite book, characters, TV show, film or hobby?

Easter Animals

At Easter, baby animals are a great theme for adorable homemade cards, representing the joy of new life. Chicks, baby rabbits and lambs are all popular Easter animals. Lambs carry a special religious significance, representing Christ as the Lamb or the Good Shepherd. Use textured materials to create cute baby animals on handmade Easter cards; don’t forget the craft eyes and cotton ball tail.

Religious Easter Cards

Traditional religious Easter cards use the cross, shepherds and their flocks, lambs, Jesus and Bible scenes as their main themes. Lilies, representing purity and salvation, and eggs, representing eternal life, are also appropriate. These images can be accompanied with Bible quotes or verses to emphasise the meaning.


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