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Be practical and eco-friendly in flyer printing

By: Michelle Zwatserband -

With all the flyer printing going around, and more importantly a lot of those going to the trash, it is crucial to be practical and eco friendly in flyer printing. You don’t want to waste our resources unnecessarily, especially with your color flyers that should be simple and practical for most purposes. That is why I am going to teach you here how to be practical and eco friendly with your flyer printing. Below is a list of tips that should make your color flyer production a little bit kinder for the environment and better for your purposes.

  • Print fewer, but deploy better - Printing lots of color flyers is a standard in marketing. As they say, the more flyers the more you can reach those markets. However, in environmental terms, the more color flyers means more trash eventually to the dumps. So if you want to be eco friendly with your flyer printing, you might want to reduce your printing numbers and instead deploy your flyers better.


Basically, with this plan, you should reduce your flyer printing orders by 10-20% and then be more specific with your flyer distribution to make sure that each piece gets to someone that responds easily to your marketing message. This means distributing your flyers at only the key areas where your target markets are and nothing more. This will reduce all that wasted color flyers, keeping that flyer trash to a minimum, while at the same time maximizing your flyer marketing strategy. This is the perfect blend of responsible flyer printing that should help the environment even just a little bit.


  • Combine other types of prints - Another great thing you can try out to be more environmentally friendly with your color flyers is to combine other types of prints with your flyer. So besides printing a typical custom flyer with a marketing message, you can also include in special coupons or invitations within the flyer itself. This helps you combine other types of prints and functions into one single color flyer, reducing paper costs and printing costs by not having to print any of those others. So if it is really possible with your theme or message, try to combine other types of prints in your color flyers.


  • Moderate the size of the paper - Size is a big factor in printing when it comes to the impact on the environment. Bigger flyers mean more paper needed for printing. This in turn leads to more trees cut just because of the large paper sizes that are needed. So if you want to help the environment, you will want to moderate the size of your paper materials. Try to print smaller more compact flyers that are still equally potent. Even just a few inches of cut dimensions in your custom flyers will translate to lots of paper and trees saved when you look at the long term impact.


  •  Use recycled materials - Of course, a mainstay of eco-friendly flyer printing is the use of recycled materials. Using recycled paper of course helps your flyers eliminate the need for virgin paper that is sourced from cut trees. The recycled paper may be a bit lower in quality than virgin paper, but by today’s standards, those flyers from recycled paper are excusable and even admirable. So you risk little in using recycled materials in postcard printing, while saving a lot of trees in the process.


  • Hire environmentally accredited printers - Finally, to complete the circle of eco-mindedness you should hire only environmentally accredited flyer printing companies. These are the companies that have set their machines and their work environments to the best and most efficient configuration possible, reducing their wastage and impact on the environment. In most cases, they will display this to you by showing EPA certifications or ISO accreditations that tell you that they are indeed concerned with the environment. So try to hire these printers if possible.

Great! So those are the things you can do to be eco-friendly with your flyer printing. Try these out now and help save the planet.

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